Easy, Intuitive and Powerful Search

You did a Google search to get here, and that confirms you are fully qualified to use Intradyn.

Do a Simple Search

Harness simple yet powerful search capabilities designed to help you accurately and effectively find what you are looking for quick. Use specific keywords, phrase queries, wildcard queries, proximity queries, range queries to find accurate results. Perform in-depth analysis on metadata, message and attachment content, tags, comments and more. Saved search criteria to refine and analyze results.


Get more specific doing Advanced Searches

As easy as simple search to use.
Clicking the "add search term" button will allow you to search any aspect of the message, header, and attachements. Search typos and misspellings, locate and search attachments, do a "random sample" of a percentage of mail. Use proximity searh (ex. "Guaranteed" within 5 words of "Returns") and find what your looking for.


Use "Tags" to easily organize
review and refine your searches

Finding email is easy with search term highlighting and you can organize your searches with the "TAG" feature. Easily organize search results to add to later or produce to legal/regulatory authorities.

  • You can tag and organize email and social media content based on eDiscovery requirements.
  • Allow your team to review and stamp large groups of emails and social media content.
  • Redact private, protected and privileged information in email and social media content.

Save A Search
(for frequently run)

Searches are easy to save so with a single click on "Run" you get your results.

  • Build Your Search, Name it and Save it.
  • Easily add additional terms to a saved search to make it even more powerful.
  • Create and save as many searches as you want or need.

Schedule Searches
(easy automation)

You think saved searches are easy, set up a scheduled search that runs every night (or time you specify) and emails you a link to the results. Compliance doesn't have to be hard.

  • Run a daily compliance search on "yesterdays" email
  • Run a random HR search on 5% of your mail store
  • Save time and automate your work. The system will email you when ready and all you need to do is review.

Redact Sensitive data
before sharing

As your review emails that need to be tracked in your "Tag" you can highlight an redact PHI, PII or other sensitive data so when you export to records request you only share what should be shared.

  • Create a name for the redaction that will show over the redacted text (ex "SS# redaction"
  • Upon export to PDF or Raw EML format your output will be redacted
  • Easy as highlighting and clicking "redact"

Share, Download and Export (produce) records

Don't be held back by solutions that limit your downloads or exports. These are your records, output and export them as much as you want with Intradyn. You will never be charged to export YOUR data.

  • Exportable results in native and standard non-native formats (PDF).
  • Export messages as their own PDF (1 message per PDF)
  • Export all messages from the search as one mulit-page PDF (zipped for easy sharing)
  • Detailed results that include metadata information.

Access to Multiple Reports

Generate a variety of staff reports to improve transitions and onboarding, as well as identify relationships and activity inside and outside your organization.

  • Access grid reports and visual reports to improve communication throughout your organization.
  • Analyze reports to identify leaders and employees in need of improvement.

Data Retention Policy

Choose your data retention policy and customize your archiver according to your compliance needs.

  • Complete customization
  • Flexible management
  • Prevent deleted emails

Complete Audit Trail of
Searches and Access

Ensure you’re always in compliance with a complete audit trail of your organization’s email and social communication.

  • Schedule audits
  • Flexible review
  • Customized search

You can capture your email as easily as you can search it.

Real-time fetching

Capture all incoming and outgoing emails in real time; we support POP3, IMAP4, sPOP3 and sIMAP4 protocols.

Works with top email servers

MS Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and more — we’ve got you covered.

Send incoming/outgoing email

Our email archiving software uses an SMTP server to listen to incoming messages and a mail relay server or email firewall to forward a copy of it to the archive.

Import PST files

Our native tool imports all emails from PST files into your organization. Emails with valuable content might be in PST files on the network share, but only you and authorized users can see and access them.

Import historical email

Import all historical emails from your mail server using email crawling tools.

Import RAW email

Our email archiving solution includes a native tool that can import raw emails that are in RFC822 format.